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2013 MX Engine Brochure

A new PACCAR MX-13 engine brochure is now available from Peterbilt. It contains operating features and technical specs, highlighting the engine’s technologies and innovations that improve fuel economy. The MX-13 is available in Peterbilt’s entire on-highway and vocational product line-up.

The lineup includes a 500-hp/1850 lb ft rating. MX-13 ratings run from 1450 to 1850 lb ft of torque with horsepower ranging from 380 to 500.

It meets EPA 2013 emissions requirements.

MX-13 engine enhancements for 2013 include a common-rail fuel system that maintains injection pressures of 2500 bar, providing improved efficiency. The result is finer fuel atomization and more ways to optimize combustion, ensuring the lowest possible fuel consumption, emission and noise levels, says PACCAR.

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