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21 Ways To Boost Business Using Social Media

TORONTO—As the trucking industry hurtles forward into the 21st century, there is a distinct technological paradigm shift happening. Alternative fuels, smart computing interfaces in trucks, and even trucks that can drive themselves are all on the nearer-than-it-seems horizon.

To keep up with the pace of technology and information, more and more personnel in the business are taking advantage of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn, to name a few.

For many, however, the benefits of using social media aren’t immediately clear. It doesn’t seem like it all leads to better profit margins, so why bother?

There are a number of reasons why every company should have a presence on social media. Dave Nelson, president of Dialog Consulting Group, wants to tell you what those reasons are and why you can’t ignore social media as a legitimate business tool.

The Toronto Trucking Association will be host to Nelson on September 24 at Weston Golf and Country Club. Nelson has over 30 years of telecom experience and is a leading expert in developing social media strategies for companies in all manner of industry.

In the lunch and presentation seminar, Nelson will provide attendees with 21 ideas for helping to not only keep up with the rapidly evolving world of social media and networking, but also to help stay ahead of the curve. Nelson will explain a multitude of online services (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Ning, Youtube, Yammer, Google+, Pinterest) and how to use them in business-to-business applications to improve sales and internal and external communications.

Participants will learn of the transformative capabilities of social media and social networking, with tangible ideas to enhance product design, attract new customers and strengthen competitive advantages.

For more information, visit http://www.torontotrucking.org/tta-events/

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Social media now days are playing an essential role and it will definitely bring revolutionary changes in the community. The addiction of social media is increases day by day; therefore we have found the use of social media in business sector also. It is one of the best platform through which we are able to market our business product and service. So we should learn how to use social media for our business in an effective way and from here we can get instruction on how to use social media for business development.