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300 Cummins Powered ProStars Good to Go

LISLE, IL. — The first 300 International ProStar+ Class 8s equipped with the Cummins ISX15 starting shipping out to customers yesterday, said Navistar.

The company said that it reached its 'OK-to-Ship' requirement five days ahead of schedule. That "demonstrates the tremendous progress we’re making in delivering our first SCR-based Class 8 trucks to the marketplace,” said Troy Clarke, Navistar president and chief operating officer. Troy noted the Navistar and Cummins teams needed to be fully integrated and work collaboratively to beat the aggressive launch timeline while ensuring the quality of the Cummins powered ProStars.

Navistar has been navigating rough waters for the better part of 2012, a year that saw the company abandoning its EGR-only strategy, shaking up its upper-management, and enlisting the help of Cummins to bring an EPA-compliant engine lineup to market.

Navistar said that since its switch to SCR-based clean engine technology, rigorous testing and analysis in both its captive and customer field test units were completed, and hundreds of thousands of driving miles in real-world conditions were logged. First-time quality results for the ISX program are exceeding 98 percent, the company said.

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