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$69M Plant Upgrade Will Improve Truck Quality: Volvo

DUBLIN, VA — Volvo’s truck assembly plant in Dublin, Va. will work more efficiently and produce higher quality trucks after its $69-million redesign, the company claims.

“This investment will spur significant improvements in material handling and parts flow that will allow us to increase throughput and reduce tied-up capital,” said Vice President and General Manager Lars Blomberg.

Volvo Trucks is investing in new equipment and processes for the plant redesign.

The enhancements will include energy-efficient upgrades to the paint facility that will increase North American paint capacity and deliver better quality. The facility will also get new racking and storage systems, docks, lifting devices, which, together with the redesign of a variety of work areas, will allow improved material delivery, according to Volvo Trucks.

Blomberg commented: “In addition to helping us further improve product quality, the redesign and additional equipment will also provide our employees with an even safer and more ergonomic working environment.”

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