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Trucking industry magazines are typically segmented; geared to either owner/operators or fleets. The editors at Today's Trucking write about the business of trucking, focusing on the common ground shared by all segments of Canada's trucking industry. We craft every issue to appeal to people who make the business and purchasing decisions at their company, regardless of whether it's a one-truck operation or one of Canada's largest fleets.
So much so, 28,000 subscribers have come to rely on Today's Trucking to help them understand equipment issues, regulatory concerns, technical challenges, and the future direction of Canada's trucking industry. And, since adding over 900 locations to our distribution mix, Today's Trucking has a total distribution of 65,000 and a market penetration of more than 90%.

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No other trade publication can match our investment in editorial content, as evidenced by the 16 Kenneth R. Wilson business journalism awards won by Today's Trucking writers - more than all other trucking publications combined.

Kenneth R. Wilson Awards

Our uncompromising commitment to a 50/50 ad-to-editorial ratio means each and every issue is loaded with the information our readers rely on to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably, which might be why our market reach is greater than that of the other three magazines combined.