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All-aluminum platform trailer

Dorsey Trailer’s Aluminum Giant all-aluminum platform trailer trailers can carry 80,000 pounds overall, and 52,000 pounds in four feet, but it is also saving weight. The new models have starting tare weights of less than 8,900 pounds.

Dorsey Trailer's Aluminum GiantThe strength comes through features including a single-piece welded I-beam design, pre-cambered no-bolt construction, and 1-1/2-inch hollow core box extruded aluminum floor combined with a pipe spool design.

The trailer also has five-inch extruded channel cross members on 15-inch centers and a coil package. The threat of corrosion is tackled with standard features such as 6061 T-6 aluminum construction, a fully galvanized suspension, aluminum landing gear, and a sealed wiring harness.

The Aluminum Giant Drop Deck adds an aluminum drop neck to this, supporting tall loads.

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