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Renewable fuels group warns against junk biodiesel
TORONTO -- The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association is urging users of commercial biodiesel to ensure that their suppliers meet the universally accepted American Society of Testing Standard (ASTM D6751) of quality. "Fuel-grade biodiesel must be produced to strict fuel quality specifications in order to perform properly in diesel engines," said Executive Director of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association Kory Teneycke. "Customers that are using fuel that does not meet the ASTM standard are likely to experience serious engine problems. This is why we encourage all biodiesel customers to demand independent testing of their fuel to ensure that it is indeed ASTM biodiesel." The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, engine manufacturers, the Canadian government, and the petroleum industry do not recommend or support blending any biodiesel that does not meet the very specific standard of ASTM D6751. Biodiesel that meets ASTM quality is currently successfully used in municipal bus and truck fleets throughout Canada and around the world. It is a clean burning, biodegradable and renewable fuel made from a variety of bio-products such as vegetable oils, animal fats and recycled cooking oils. Purchasers are encouraged to follow three steps to ensure they receive biodiesel that meets the ASTM standard: Only deal with suppliers that declare they provide ASTM biodiesel product; contractually require a supplier to deliver ASTM quality fuel; Demand a Certificate of Analysis conducted by an independent testing lab for each fuel shipment. Founded in 1994, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote renewable fuels for transportation through consumer awareness and government liaison activities.
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