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Governator pumps up Canadian biodiesel fleet
VANCOUVER -- When Hollywood action hero-turned Golden State governor Arnold Schwarzenegger visits Vancouver next week he'll give his gubernatorial blessing to one of Canada's fastest-growing fleets and its elaborate emissions-reduction plan. The trucking company-trash remover is 1-800-GOT JUNK. And on May 31, when Schwarzenegger's in town for the Pacific Economic Summit, 1-800's founder and CEO Brian Scudamore will unveil his prototype biodiesel Isuzu truck.
The company plans to test biodiesel grades B5 to B20 and monitor the effects of the new fuel on the fleet engines. The goal of the program is to conclusively understand the environmental impact of biodiesel while also diagnosing the impact it has on current Isuzu diesel vehicles. According to Scudamore, the "green-thinking" consumer makes up a large portion of the 1-800-GOT-JUNK? customer base. And of the 1,000 or so trucks that 1-800 has in operation worldwide, almost one third are in Schwarzenegger's home state, California. "Our company," says Scudamore, "has a strong environmental conscience, and we've always prided ourselves on cutting edge recycling efforts. The growth of our business means it's time to take environmental initiatives to the next level. The Governor's visit to Vancouver has inspired us to launch our biodiesel program and show the world how a global business can take action and work to do something positive for the environment." In another initiative, 1-800-GOTJUNK is also weaning its medium-duty fleet off diesel and on to gasoline. Fleet manager Craig Jooste told Todaystrucking.com that the trucks reach their trade-in cycle after only 200,000 km, so the company has decided that they don't need the long-term lifecycle that diesel engines deliver.
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