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New Mack meets EPA SmartWay standards
ALLENTOWN, Pa. -- The Mack Pinnacle is the latest new commercial truck to be certified by the U.S. EPA SmartWay program, a designation that means these long-range tractors meet EPA's environmental and fuel efficiency standards for excellence. The SmartWay program requires trucks to have a detailed set of components shown to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.
A Certified SmartWay Mack Pinnacle will be on display in the Mack booth at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas this week. Customers can now order Pinnacles with a full complement of SmartWay-required components through their Mack Trucks dealers. EPA's SmartWay criteria call for specific aerodynamically-enhanced components to reduce drag while the truck is moving, low rolling resistance tires, engines certified to the very stringent US'07 standards for reduced NOx and particulate emissions, as well as technologies to encourage drivers to avoid unnecessary idling. Other Mack SmartWay components include: -- A sleeper cab with full roof fairings and cab side extenders to significantly reduce aerodynamic drag; these features can result in as much as a 15 percent improvement in fuel economy by moving air efficiently between the back of the cab and the front of the trailer. -- Aerodynamically designed mirrors for further air drag reduction and front bumper to move air smoothly around and under the front of the truck. -- Fuel tank fairings, or chassis skirts. Working with the bumper, these fairings can improve fuel economy by up to another 2 percent. Low rolling resistance tires, can also result in yet another 1 percent improvement in fuel economy. -- The Idle Free "key-off" HVAC system provides driver comfort and electrical power for amenities without idling the truck's engine, using shore power, a connection to reefer units or a special bank of batteries.
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