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U.K. firm signs up Alberta carrier for green technology testing

EDMONTON -- Clean Power Technologies has developed a heat recovery and hybrid power system to reduce vehicle emissions and is teaming up with an Alberta fleet to test its real-world capabilities.

Edmonton-based East West Express will provide the English company a road load data collection vehicle for the purpose of detailed research on its existing refrigerated trailer fleet.

East West Express is hoping to create a more energy efficient fleet by utilizing Clean Power’s Clean Energy Storage and Recovery (CESAR) system. The system takes otherwise wasted heat from the exhaust of a conventional combustion engine and modifies it through a heat recovery system to generate clean steam power for both motive and auxiliary power. The CESAR system can be used to power auxiliary truck systems, such as trailer refrigeration and cab cooling or heating.

"As an operator with 100 refrigerated food trailers, we could get a crucial competitive edge by using Clean Power's technology which provides a potential fuel savings of 40% per unit, whilst minimizing vehicle emissions and helping control ever-escalating grocery bills for consumers," said Sandy de Waal, president of East West.

From the research Clean Power will refine the design and packaging of its exhaust heat capture, accumulator and steam engine to ensure they meet or exceed the specifications of the existing diesel engine system.

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