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Guinness By the Gallon: Daimler truck gets world record

NARDO, Italy -- Daimler Trucks has announced that a Mercedes Actros tractor-trailer has won a place in the Guinness World Records “The most fuel-efficient 40-ton truck.”

Hauling over 25 tonnes of payload at an average speed of 80 km/h, the Mercedes-Benz truck attained exactly 19.44 liters per 100 km, or about 12 mpg over a seven-day round-the-clock test drive covering just over one million kilometers.

The testing took place under ideal conditions at a site in the southeastern Italian town of Nardo.

The Actros was outfitted with Daimler BlueTec power, an enhanced drive system, Mercedes PowerShift automated transmission, a computer controlled compressed air system and a governed water pump.

The test in Nardo also illustrated several other factors that increase fuel consumption on the road, such as inadequate traffic infrastructure and a lack of traffic management; incorrect vehicle configuration, infrequent vehicle maintenance and actual driving style.

Daimler's record-setting truck is a good
example of transnational technology.

Measurements showed that a 40-tonne trailer-tractor combination can triple its fuel consumption if the vehicle is forced to stop twice every kilometer, instead of traveling unimpeded at about 50 km/h.

Ruth Cairnie, VP, Commercial Fuels at Shell, emphasized that Shell was very proud to supply the Daimler truck testing with its products.

Comments Shell’s Global Rotella Brand Manager Mark Reed: "Our T6 formula is based on [Rimula] technology but meets North American CJ-4 standards."

"Our Rotella brand in North America uses similar technology designed to exceed the needs of our customers."

Shell states that its new Shell diesel is designed for fuel economy and can save up to 3 percent of fuel in commercial vehicles.

For more details of the Guinness record-setting vehicle, click here. 

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Just a subnote from the post I made about getting 11 to 13 mpg.A 30% or more fuel saving to a owner operator to the largest of trucking companies would be benificial to the bottom dollar as well as the enviroment in reduced carbon footprint.Dave 250 317 3668.


I used to drive the Coquihalla between Kelowna and Burnaby for years.When the schedule would allow, I would challenge myself to get the best mpg that I could.550 ISX cummins, Pete with long leg hiway gears and a 53 ft reefer.Top number was 13.01 mpg and usually over 11 mpg on trip computer.It took me a while to perfect the technique, but it is doable.Made my boss happy at 30% fuel savings.


Well we know those Test results are all BS with one Glance of there figures at why don't they put the Total cost per Km in? Ah cause you would not find a shipper willing to pay the Cost of operating a Truck with all that rigging. Yours Truly, Gord Currie Chilliwack BC 604-792-6720


A million km in 7 days round the clock driving? That's more than 47,000 km per 8 hour shift. Unbelievable, especially at 80 kph. Maybe the truck actually went 8000 kph. Could that really be a 10,000 km test?

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