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Autocar Recalls Over 4,100 Natural Gas Powered Trucks

HAGERSTOWN, IN — Autocar is recalling 4,100 model year 2008-2014 ACX, WX, and WXLL vehicles manufactured July 30, 2007, through Feb.10, 2014, and equipped with certain Cummins Westport Model ISL G or ISX12 G engines, which are powered by natural gas.

In affected engines, water moisture in the intake manifold may freeze in cold weather and interfere with the proper operation of the intake manifold pressure sensor. If the sensor malfunctions, the engine could be improperly fueled, resulting in higher than normal exhaust temperatures or flames from the exhaust pipe. In most cases, this improper operation will result in the engine running rough and misfiring, increasing the risk of a fire or burn injury to a person near the exhaust pipe.

Earlier this year, truck manufacturers Daimler and Paccar recalled thousands of trucks for the same problem. 

Autocar's number for this recall is A-1402.

The recall also applies to a handful of Autocar 2014 Xpert trucks manufactured Nov. 7, 2013, through Jan. 13, 2014 and 2010-2014 Auto Xspotter vehicles manufactured Nov. 23, 2009, through Oct. 21, 2013, all equipped with Cummins Westport Model ISL G and ISX12 G engines.

Autocar’s number for the Xpert trucks is M-1404. For the Xspotter it is T-1403.

Cummins and Cummins Westport will notify owners, and authorized Cummins service facilities will upload a new electronic control module calibration, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin May 1.



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