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Battery-powered AC

Bergstrom’s new NITE Phoenix Space Saving Innovation (SSI) system, which offers battery-powered air conditioning, comes with Bluetooth controls and fits into any sleeper.

Features include automatic digital temperature controls, diagnostic readings, a plastic internal unit, and what the company refers to as a durable external condenser assembly. An aluminum-framed recirculation filter is included to extend coil life, while the evaporator coil, receiver dryer and TXV are all serviceable. Brushless motors in the compressor, evaporator blower and condenser fan are all meant to extend equipment life.

The unit itself installs under the bunk and has a rotatable blower assembly to adapt to truck manufacturers’ ductwork in selected application.

Compared to idling, it won’t affect Diesel Particulate Filter life, reduces emissions, and complies with anti-idling laws. 

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