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BC Trucking Association Applauds Highway Investment


The BC Trucking Association (BCTA) applauded the Government of British Columbia for investing $200 million in Phase 2 of the Cariboo Connector.

Phase 2 will include nine new four-lane expansion projects over the next five years for Highway 97 between Cache Creek and Prince George.

“Highway 97 is a busy route for carriers moving all types of goods through Northern BC and the Interior. Four-laning of strategic sections reduces congestion, increasing efficiency for motor carriers and improving safety for all road users,” said Louise Yako, BCTA’s president and CEO. “Increased capacity is welcome, especially as the industry looks at ways to meet the challenges of BC’s growing trade with Asia.”

The $200 million is part of a larger project that will see $700 million investment by the province to increase capacity on key highways and railroads. “On their own, these four-laning projects add up to 30 km, but they are part of a broader plan to prepare BC for the exciting opportunities that increased trade will bring,” Yako commented.

BCTA also noted the improved safety that comes part and parcel with four-lane highways over two-lane highways, especially key during those BC winters.

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Is it really needed or will this cause more accidents over the long run with people that speed while trying to pass semi's.