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Mandatory Driver Training: About Time

Two days after the Toronto Star published an article on truck-driver training and licensing, Ontario’s Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca said he would work towards mandatory entry-l...

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Unique Deal Creates Powerhouse

Rolf Lockwood goes behind the scenes of the Kriska-Mullen deal and speaks with Kriska President Mark Seymour and Mullen VP Richard Maloney to gain more perspective.

Lockwood's Blog: All Aboard the Blame Train

Reluctantly -- oh so reluctantly -- I'm going to trek down a tired old pathway here, one that I thought was way, way in the past. The war between truck and rail is so yesterday.

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Lockwood's Blog: Looking to Pick Up Women

When I look around and take stock of what this industry needs -- what the entire world needs, for that matter -- I see a monstrous waste of talent because women haven't been allowed to play ...

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