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Pete’s Blog&Grille: Presenting 40 More Great Trucking Songs!

When we posted the 50 Top Trucking Songs of All Time, we promised to keep our ears open for any others. True to our word, here's the Next 40 Top Trucking Songs as chosen by you!

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Pete’s Blog&Grille: 6 Lessons I Learned in My Wife’s Library

Editor Peter Carter is always looking for new things to learn and he finds them in the most unusual of places. Like a 36-in.-by-18-in. cupboard filled with books.

Pete’s Blog&Grille: Meet Trimac’s 23-Year-Old Ops Guy.

An uncut, uncensored account of a 23-year-old's view of the Canadian trucking industry today and where it's heading.

Pete’s Blog & Grille: It’s Good Turn Week.

Peter Carter didn't have a long career as a boy scout, but he did learn a thing or two. Seven things in fact, and here's what they are.


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