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Boat Tails Trailing Not Far Behind Canada’s Trucks

TORONTO, ON— Currently, there are no full length boat tails operating on Canadian highways, but that could soon change.

Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 223 (CMVSS 223) published a regulation change that will allow for more “boat tail” designs to be used by trucking companies once the provincial regulations are updated.

Of course, truckers know boat tails are devices installed on the rear of trailers that reduce aerodynamic drag, so they reduce GHG emissions.

Before Transport Canada changed the regulations, provinces had a hard time boat tails in their own regulations and like with a domino effect, trucking companies couldn’t use the technology.

But the U.S. uses boat tails and with the federal government’s change in regulation, boat tails could get the green light in Canada as well.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance is working with Transport Canada to ensure boat tails designed to the new Canadian standard receive reciprocal recognition in the United States.

It’s also important, CTA folks say, for all the provincial associations to work with their governments to bring about regulatory changes to allow the widespread adoption of boat tails.

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