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Brave Hearted Truck Driver Awarded for Heroism

2012 Goodyear North America Highway Hero Award winner Jason Harte (right), with Gary Medalis, director of marketing, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems.

LOUISVILLE, KY. — Jason Harte, a professional driver from Rogers, Arkansas has been named the 30th Goodyear Highway Hero.

Harte, a driver with Montana-based Sammons Trucking, was driving down the interstate last summer when a speeding pickup truck knocked a minivan off the road and slammed into another car, pushing it to the highway median, GoodYear explained.

As bystanders helped the car's driver, Harte approached the minivan and saw a man and a woman holding a six-month-old baby. As the parents frantically tried to get out of the vehicle, Harte noticed three other children trapped inside the van.

Harte dialed 911, helped the man, woman and baby out of the van, and grabbed the most accessible child stuck in the back.

Along with other bystanders, Harte, also a former paramedic, opened the van's back hatch and performed first aid on the next child, then pulled her out. For the last child, Harte had to pull apart seats and cut through the seatbelts.

Harte worked with rescue teams to tend to the victoims' injuries, which ranged from broken legs to internal bleeding

“Jason Harte’s quick thinking and brave actions rescued a family of six from a terrible situation,” said Gary Medalis, director of marketing, Goodyear Commercial Tire Systems.

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