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Campaign to Stop 70% Licence Fee Hike 'More Important than Ever'

TORONTO — Pat yourself on the back, said the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA). Over 1,100 emails were sent as part of the OTA's "Put the Brakes on the 70%" campaign, but with a new premier and new Transportation minister, the campaign needs support more now than ever, the OTA said.

The campaign was developed in response to heavy commercial vehicle licence fees increasing by 70 percent over a 12-month period. The first 30 percent kicked in this past December, while the remaining 40 percent is set for December 1, 2013. That's too much, too soon, the OTA said.

Prior to Kathleen Wynne winning the nomination for Liberal Party leader, then Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli began to examine the issue in the wake of the campaign.

That, of course, was before this week's changing of the guard, where Glen Murray was appointed Transportation Minister.

During the campaign, Wynne was one of the only leadership contenders to respond to the OTA's request for a meeting about the issue.

"That is a hopeful sign but we can’t leave anything to chance," OTA said. "Your voice needs to be heard again."

To do that, click here. An automatic email will be sent to Transportation Minister Glen Murray and the new Minsiter of Finance, Charles Sousa.

"Time is of the essence as OTA is expecting to meet with the ministers and the premier in the next few weeks and the next Ontario budget is just around the corner," OTA stressed. "Please send your email messages as soon as possible and pass this call to action along to others in the industry with your encouragement to voice their opinions as well."

Email Editor

link did not take me to the email campaign...

I was shocked to find out when i went for my licences for my fleet that they had gone up 120.00 per truck, thats every three months I e-mailed my member complaining of the high increase for the licences and with the high price of diesel going up every day what are they trying to do to small businesses drive us into bankrupcy. MR. ORAZETTI explained to me that are prices had not gone up in Northern Ontario since 1988 andthat was the reason they increased.
when i asked him why we were not notified of the increase as i could not find information about it on service ontario. He sent me a chart which i could not understand.