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Canada's First-Ever Self-Contained Secondary School Truck and Coach Program

Vice Principal Peter Gibson

To whom it may concern:

In September, 2012, Bramalea Secondary School in Brampton, ON., launched Canada’s first-ever self-contained secondary-school Truck & Coach Program, designed to introduce students to the world of trucking and logistics. Housed in a specially constructed airplane-hangar-sized workspace adjacent to the main school, the Truck & Coach Program offers courses in fields such as diesel maintenance, telematics, parts-handling and operations. Courses are ­available at each grade level and if a student completes the four-year program she or he will know enough about trucking to be immediately employable at an entry-level position.

Today’s Trucking dispatched writer Octavian Lacatusu to meet with the program’s chief engineer and Bramalea Secondary’s Vice Principal Dr. Peter Gibson, PhD.

Lacatusu returned with this report.

Name: Peter Gibson
Grade: Vice Principal
Major: Truck & Coach Program

Subject: History = A+

Comments: Gibson is a former driver and small-fleet owner. Not only is he an academic, he’s a lifelong muscle-car buff, and his office décor has a decidedly internal-combustion theme. That background, ­combined with his academic credentials, makes him the perfect champion for the program.

Goals/Next Steps: No work required here. Would that other high-school programs have similarly
qualified teachers!

Subject: Business = A

Comments: Peter has brought in almost 40 outside supporters, including the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA) and Peterbilt, which supplies a new rig for the students to work on every three months.

Goals/Next Steps: Peter must keep the door open to more employers, professionals and suppliers so
the program remains au courant and students are kept aware of employment opportunities.

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