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Canadian Freight Index Drops in April, Fuel Charges Climbing


MISSISSAUGA, ON — The Canadian General Frieght Index (CGFI) reported today that the cost of ground transportation for Canadian shippers dropped 2.3 percent in April from March.

The Base Rate Index, which doesn't include accessorial charges by carriers, dropped 2 percent from March.

Average Fuel Surcharges assessed by carriers have increased from 21.9 percent of Base Rates in March to 22.4 percent in April.

“We are experiencing a downward trend in both base rates and accessorials, while fuel is seeing increases for the third consecutive month.” said Doug Payne, president and COO, Nulogx.

“It appears that both the domestic and cross border Truckload markets are seeing the most change as a result of these trends," added Payne.

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