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Canadian Spot Market Index Dips, Transcore Reports

TORONTO — Transcore's spot market Canadian Freight Index dropped three percentage points in April, down from March's high.

Year-over-year volumes were down 11 percent from 2011's record highs.

Cross-border postings dominated in April, coming in at 73 percent of activity on Transcore's Loadlink Canadian customers. Intra-Canada postings made up 23 percent of total load volumes. Here's the breakdown:

Top Regions for Import Loads:

  • Ontario: 55 percent
  • Western: 22 percent
  • Quebec: 20 percent
  • Atlantic: 3 percent

Top Regions for Import Equipment:

  • Ontario: 50 percent
  • Western: 24 percent
  • Quebec: 22 percent
  • Atlantic: 4 percent

Top Regions for Loads within Canada:

  • Western 48 percent
  • Ontario 25 percent
  • Quebec 20 percent
  • Atlantic 7 percent

Year-over-year, capacity was up 19 percent from March 2011, but compared to earlier in 2012, capacity has tightened. Equipment availability remains more abundant than the tight capacity crunch and record low of April 2011, Transcore said.

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There are lots of Trucks out there parked. The banks will not lend to plate and operate those trucks until the shippers come to the table with contracts that will cover all costs plus a profit plus pay truck driver