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Canadian Trucking Alliance Announces Text-based EOBR Campaign

TORONTO — The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) has made it easier for both company owners and drivers to let MPs from their province know how and why they support the introduction of a universal EOBR mandate in Canada.

By visiting CTA’s home page and clicking on the “Support EOBRs” button, supporters of EOBRs can choose which type of letter to send in English or French, enter their name and province, and a message of support will automatically be sent directly to their MPs.

Professional commercial drivers can also send a four digit text code from their cell phones that will trigger a text message to the MPs. Text the letters eobr to the number, 77777. Or, to send the letter in French, text: eobrfrench to 77777.

"We're inviting carriers, the majority of whom we know are in support of EOBRs, and the growing number of drivers who, once they have experience with EOBRs see them not as a threat but as a positive thing, to voice their support for a mandate directly to federal members of parliament,” said David Bradley, CEO of the CTA.

"It's important that our elected officials hear from those who support an EOBR mandate," Bradley explained, "not just those who oppose enhanced compliance monitoring.

"Paper logs are an ineffective and archaic way to monitor compliance with the hours of service regulations for both the regulators and the industry; if the rules were introduced to combat driver fatigue and we're serious about making our highways safer, then the MPs need to get behind an EOBR mandate," Bradley said.

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Is there a way to tell them if someone dont like them ? there shopuld be two buttons. kind of LIKE and UNLIKE.

If you aren't for EOBRs, best thing to do is to contact your MP and let them know the reasons why.

This is kind of a 1-side story is it not? Where is the opportunity to voice my opposition to the imposition of EOBR's on drivers? Are we only supposed to agree with the OTA or CTA or shut up?

I used to function quite well in long haul by being able to drive for 5, 6, 7, 8, hours sleep for 8-10 hours then get up and go again. Now I'm kinda euchered because if I stop for a break my driving time for that day is gone, whether or not its paper or electronic. I feel I still have a few decent years of driving left, but not with these new hours of service rules. Iwould be a worse hazard on the road if I had to keep going just to use up ALL my hours. Everybody's body is not the same, but that seems to be what our goernments are trying to do. So, I've basically had to give up long haul driving!!!