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Celadon Buys 1,500 New Tractors, Grows Fleet

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Celadon Trucking Services has purchased over 1,500 new tractors, expanding its overall fleet.

Celadon CEO and President Paul Will commented: “One of Celadon’s hallmarks has always been the newness of our company fleet.”

The company, which ranks 29 in Today’s Trucking’s top 100 fleet list, purchased three tractor models: the Kenworth T680, the LoneStar and ProStar tractors from International. 

“The key for us with these new ProStar tractors is to help recruit company drivers to our fleet as well as offer a reward to our existing drivers,” Will said.

The Kenworth tractors will be used by the company’s expedited team operations.

In past months, Celadon has been adding three to four teams each week to its expedited fleet, which currently is made up of 275 teams in the U.S. and Canada.

The LoneStar models are for the Lease Purchase division, and ProStar tractors are for the company’s core driving fleet, according to Celadon.

The company said the purchases are part of a substantial investment in expansion that was fueled by recent acquisitions.

Among Celadon’s 2013 acquisitions:

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This will solve truck shortage if they can get enough cheap TFWs or raise driver pay to $1,500 per week for a legal log.

They also need to sharply increase truck driver pay

I Was told by a OTA. employee that they will be bringing (Many) TFWs over the next 12 months as many people in Canada have expect too much.