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Changes to Temp Foreign Worker Program Park Atlantic Trucks

DIEPPE, NB — Truckers in Atlantic Canada are shocked at how quickly they’ve seen the negative effects of the changes made to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) last month.

“We are in disbelief,” says Jean-Marc Picard of the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA). “The changes implemented to the Temporary Foreign Workers program by Minister Kenney a month ago are already having an impact on carriers in Atlantic Canada.  Applications are being denied or delayed with poor responses from the Department of Immigration on any questions about the program”.   

Minister Kenney is phasing out the “low-skilled stream” of the program and long-haul truck drivers are pegged in the low skill/low wage category; a misclassification according to both APTA and the Canadian Trucking Alliance. 

“A long-haul truck driver in Atlantic Canada is a high wage occupation because they are paid more than the provincial average for truck drivers,” Picard says. “Carriers are now faced with a dilemma; they need to fill empty truck seats and there are no drivers to recruit!  Parking trucks is now a reality for some carriers, which mean loss of jobs, less tax money coming in and freight contracts being trucked by out of province carriers.”

APTA claims the average wage for a truck driver in New Brunswick is $18.41/hour, above the provincial average of $17.79.

Picard says some carriers now need to replace their TFWs and there aren’t any new drivers to step up to the plate, so that means more parked trucks.

“Now [carriers] are all competing for the same drivers and there aren’t that many of them available,” Picard says. “The Government needs to realize how important the trucking industry is to our economy. Without it, goods don’t move and without drivers, trucks don’t move.”       

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The APTA is not paying enough to bring TFWs in to drive trucks in Canada. There are truck drivers in Canada that will drive truck when it pays what other trades do on a per hour basis with overtime.

There are lots of qualified drivers available, the rate of pay and the working conditions need to be increased to entice people to fill these jobs. It's the law of supply and demand. Simple stuff.

No shortage of workers. Just a shortage of decent pay.
I voted for the Cons... fool me once shame on you...

There is truck driver pay shortage as over 60% of truck drivers are doing other jobs. I quit working for a APTA trucking company 3 years ago. My new company has many ex truck drivers working for us. We pay $19.00 to $31.00 per hour. These truck drivers tell me their wages have went up between $300. and $900.00 per week. Many TFWs would not stay driving truck if they could change jobs and stay in Canada The CTA does not want understand that many truck drivers feel that they are being underpaid. Many truck drivers are telling the government that no more TFWs should come in until the trucking companies resolve these wage concerns

Hey APTA, your sympathy is in the dictionary>between shit and syphilis! Pay a living wage (not $12.00 per hour Ayr Motor Express) and there will be an overabundance of drivers looking for work.

I talked to person who came to Canada. He gets $2,000 per week. He got his work permit approved in 3 days. He told me that Canada has a very bad name all over the world on how the foreign truck drivers are treated in Canada by the large trucking companies. The CTA and the APTA needs to change the way their members treat and pay TFWs. Michael is 100% right

Nobody wants to pay truck drivers a fair wage. Many truck drivers have be successful in telling the government that large trucking companies are cheating truck drivers, and no more TFWs permits should be issued to APTA members

If truck drivers were paid what they are worth there would be young people wanting to do this job. The way it is now why would they work for peanuts when they can go and be a greeter at walmart and make better money

I just talked to former TFW he told me that a APTA company brought him came over from Italy 3 years ago. He told me they paid him $.20 per mile to run team for 2 years. He made more money driving truck in Italy at 17 euro per hour plus 10 euro per day meal allowance, but came to Canada as Canada has more long term outlook. He told him and many other drivers are working in ab.. He was talking to me as he is planning on taking his former employer to small claim court for wages he feels that he is still owed. I am taking loblaws to court and many people in the goverment and media are watching my case.The mistreatment of truck drivers needs to looked at before more come into canada

Lots of good points mentioned so far. The one underlying theme is that drivers think they are underpaid.
Drivers shouldn't think that way. There's no guess work about it. It's very definite ... drivers ARE underpaid.
The downside is though, that as long as Cheap-A$$ Trucking Inc., exists, truck drivers will be forever underpaid. There is only so much room in the rate structure to apply to driver wages, and until the rate itself increases, wages will not increase.
Embrace the ELD when it gets here. Insist upon it if you need to. The ELD spells the end of Cheap-A$$ Trucking Inc., and that will be the time that driver wages increase.

APTA members must have to wear rubber boots to their meetings to keep their feet from getting soaked in all the tears and BS. And I wish journalists would stop calling them "Truckers". They are fat cat trucking company executives, most of who have never stepped foot inside a truck before yet make 6 and 7 figure salaries figuring out how to keep the driver on the road 24/7 while paying them less than the hamburger flipper at MacDonalds.

On most articles your "shared" does not work. Our chairman like to read some of your articles and does not use a computer. I would be nice to privide him with your excellent articles without having to cut/copy/paste.


Can any body give me more information on the court case of Stephen Webster vs. Loblaws and think many other truck owners would be interested in joining that group in fighting some of the (customers). We need to pay truck drivers and owners at a fair rate for all hours worked. This can be done without ELDs if the trucking companies stop trying to bring new people into the industry with false hopes.

Nancy you can call me at 5193578686 I have am going to court on Friday thankyou Stephen webster

I am also watching the court case against Loblaws I think Stephen deserves our support. I would hope this send a message to the large companies that truck drivers should be treated fairly. I wonder why nobody heard about until now. I wish him all the best.

The APTA. does not want pay high enough wage to compete against other wages for people who spend a long time away from home.The APTA should taking the big customers like Walmart not truck drivers. P.S, i HOPE Stephen wins for all of us .

More drivers need to take the shippers to court then they will listen. The gov. can say when people like stephen webster are taking Loblaws to court that the large companies have created their truck driver shortage.

Many APTA members have been short changing TFWs and some fines might be coming

We need to support Stephen Webster in his case against Loblaws. I understand that Loblaws is playing hardball with suppliers .

I understand That OTA will not stand up for Stephen Webster against Loblaws is a OTA. member

Walmart and Loblaws need to treat all truck drivers better while on their property or under their control before any APTA. member brings more than one TFW per year into Canada. I see that truck drivers are sueing many trucking companies and companies like Walmart and others.

Many truck drivers would come back if they could make $.50 per mile plus $21.00 per hour local work,