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Clamp-on Wrench

A knurled, circular clamp-on wrench that can be easily installed over hex nuts to permit extremely fast hose changeovers without tools is available from Stafford Manufacturing Corp. of Wilmington, Massachusetts. Stafford’s Nut Buddy is a clamp-on circular wrench with a knurled outside grip surface that can be installed over a hex nut, providing an easy way to connect and disconnect hoses without tools. Permitting fast hose or tank changeovers, they have a 2-5/8-in. outside diameter and are offered in 0.5-in. to one-inch inside diameter sizes, with a hex or round bore, and either one- or two-piece styles.

Machined from aluminum, Stafford’s Nut Buddy can be etched with directional on/off and messages such as ordering information, refill, and process data. Ideally suited for use with hydraulic and pneumatic hoses, they can be supplied in anodized colors for OEMs and distributors. Stafford’s Nut Buddy is priced according to configuration, and quantity. Price quotations including special OEM designs are available upon request.

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