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Dana's new Spicer tag axles are said to improve fuel efficiency and reduce weight, while making it easy to convert a 6x2 into a 6x4 configuration. The company has also introduced new Spicer conversion kits, providing the option of converting existing 6x4 vehicles to 6x2. Dana says the conversion makes it easy for owners to increase the resale value of their trucks.

Fuel economy improvements have been estimated at up to 3%, through decreased mechanical drivetrain losses and a total weight reduction of roughly 400 lb compared to a traditional 40,000-lb tandem.

When spec'd with either a Spicer S170 or Spicer S190 single drive axle in the forward drive position, the new tag axles also maintain the same 40,000-lb GAWR of a traditional tandem axle, while maintaining up to 100,000-lb GCWR. 

The single-axle design requires 14 fewer pints of lubrication, lowering maintenance costs. 

If you're worried about 6x2 traction problems, Dana says they can be mitigated with the use of a differential lock, a six-channel ABS/TCS system, or the adjustment of air-suspension bag pressures to shift weight temporarily to the driven axle at low speed.

The axles are available now, with new model numbers S21-060B and S23-070B respectively replacing rear-axle model numbers RS404/RS405 and R40-170/R46-170.

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