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Cost of Ground Transportation Continues to Rise

Total Freight Costs for over the road shipments starting in January 2008.

MISSISSAUGA, ON— The price of shipping goods on trains and trucks continues to rise.

Canadian shippers paid 2.3 percent more for ground transportation in March compared with February, according to the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI).

“Truckload domestically and cross border continued the increase,” said Doug Payne, president  and COO, Nulogx, which produces the index.  

The base rate index, which excludes the impact of accessorial charges, increased by 1.9 percent when compared to February 2014. 

Average fuel surcharges also increased. Fuel was 22.57 percent of Base Rates in March versus 21.78 percent in February.

“Fuel has now risen above April levels of 2013. The last time fuel was above this month’s 22.57 percent was October of 2008,” Payne said.

Ground transportation costs have been steadily going up each month since July 2013.

The CGFI highlights the changes in prices paid for freight transportation by Canadian shippers and represents general truck transportation, but excludes bulk, liquid and other specialty services.


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Drivers in Canada can make $1,800 per week in other jobs in the oil field or wind turbine construction until trucking rates go up to $2.00 per mile to the truck on all miles the truck driver shortage will get worse unless more cheap offshore drivers come in

We finance trucks and the rates are not high enough to buy a truck and pay us back at 9% interest rate and make a good living. Truck rate is at 9% and car loan at 4% with us because of the higher risk

The shippers need to come to the table and meet with the truck drivers and owners. With the new rules the drivers can not make what they did 25 years ago in real spending power in Ontario

Many trucks are currently being sold for export and the owners are getting other jobs or retiring as in the past 5 years the money has been there to support the purchase of new equipment. The U.S. Goverment needs to limit brokers to a 10% commision on loads and set min waiting time and ensre truckers are paid at least twice the min. wage

One broker was Complaining that trucking companies said that they were not willing to sign contracts for less than $2.50 per mile for the next 18 months. Many truck drivers are not driving truck today because of the low hourly pay.

The government needs back off on ticketing drivers and take over truck insurance

The trucking rates maybe up but the profits are not enough to pay sharply higher wages and buy new trucks and trailers.