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DEF Prices On Upward Trend

LONDON, UK — Diesel exhaust fluid prices remained stable in the U.S. in April, but show no sign of slowing down in Canada, according to UK-based Integer Research, a specialist provider of research, data, analysis and consultancy services.

Canadian bulk DEF prices increased for the fifth month in a row, with the average price moving up one cent to CA$0.50 per liter for full truckload deliveries and up two cents to CA$0.59 per liter for less-than-truckload deliveries.

The national DEF truck stop average prices rose to CA $0.81 per liter for the first time since October 2011, but in the U.S., national average prices dropped by one cent to $2.79 per gallon.

In the U.S., the lowest average prices for all delivery modes were found in Chicago, IL and Cincinnati, OH, while the highest average prices were found in Denver, CO, Phoenix, AZ and Los Angeles, CA.

The DEF Tracker, launched in 2011 by Integer Research, covers 21 regional hubs in the U.S. and three hubs in Canada: Calgary, AB, Montreal, QC and Toronto, ON.            


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Remember when they dreamed up SCR and all the manufacturers and government assured us DEF prices would always remain stable and there was an overabundance of it??
What happened to that? Just like the government, oil companies, natural gas, electricity.....they are all in cahoots. What a scam.
And what will the industry do? Same as always....bend over and take it.