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DHL Trucks Stolen From Montreal Yard

MONTREAL, QC — DHL Global Forwarding Canada had three trailers and two chassis stolen from their yard in Montreal around the 28th of December.

Missing are tractor 533769 with license plate L560447-7, VIN 3akjgebg4esfs0747, tractor 523353 with license plate L535912-8, VIN 3akjgebg5esfl4768 and tractor 525808 with license plate L535455-4 and VIN 1fujgebg2elfm3388.

Montreal police are investigating, but in the meantime, if you have any information you can contact Bryan Hrapchak, DHL’s regional security manager for Canada at +1 (800) 263-4339 or bryan.hrapchak@dhl.com

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It might actually help if they provided the make and model of the tractors and trailers.