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DIBC Moves on Bridge Project, Forms Oversight Committee

DETROIT – Although Matthew Moroun, vice president of the Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC), believes they have completed the work outlined in a contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the company announced yesterday that they are going to comply with the judge's orders.

“The court has its own view of how this project should be finished,” said Moroun. “The best course of action now is to comply with the Judge’s order."


DIBC has begun immediate work on Pier 19.

The company said it had begun to demolish Pier 19, which blocks the construction of an approach ramp MDOT wanted built to get trucks off local roads — a route MDOT says is important for getting trucks into Canada.

DIBC also announced the formation of a committee to oversea all future construction, engineering and legalities concerning the Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project. The Moroun's will not be on the committee, DIBC said.

Last month, a judge sent Matty Moroun, along with DIBC president Dan Stamper, to jail for failing to comply with court orders regarding the completion of the $250-million Gateway Project. They were released the next day after appealing, but
earlier this week, that appeals court ruled the judge had full-clearance to toss the 84-year-old bridge owner into the brig.

DIBC's yet-to-be-formed committee would clear the Moroun's from being legally responsible for any future decisions on the project.



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