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Diesel Rack Prices Highest Since 2008

The graph represents the average diesel rack prices (cost per litre before tax) in Ontario.

TORONTO, ON — The Canadian average weekly rack price for diesel broke the three digit mark this week, coming in at 102.6 cents per litre, with the monthly average for January sitting just below the 100 cents at 98.8 cents. Truckers haven’t seen diesel prices break the 100-cent per litre mark since mid-2008, according to the Ontario Trucking Association (OTA).

The Canadian average is calculated from the averages of the following locations: Charlottetown, Saint John, Halifax, Quebec City, Montreal, Maitland, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Sarnia, Nanticoke, Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Kamloops, Vancouver and Nanaimo.

The trend continued across the province of Ontario, the association stated, where the average weekly rack price was 101.1 cents per litre before tax.

OTA calculates the average cost by taking the rack price of diesel in nine locations (Maitland, Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, London, Sarnia, Nanticoke, Thunder Bay, and Sault Ste. Marie) to provide an average for the province. On the first data point (first week of April 2009), the average diesel rack price for these locations was 53.59 cents per litre. It has nearly doubled since then.

While some individual locations in Ontario, such as Thunder Bay, surpassed the 100-cents per litre mark previously, this is the first time the average of these nine locations has broken this mark since 2008.

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i dont know were you get your info pump price at flying j is 1.41 per l in wpg today

This "Rack Price" must be the bare fuel rate/liter without any Federal Excise Tax; Provincial Fuel Tax and/or the GST/HST added to it!
While I appreciate that you would report on average fuel prices, it really does not make sense to quote figures net of taxes, since everyone who buys fuel (private or commercial) must pay the taxes no matter what (except maybe that businesses may recoup the GST/HST as an input tax credit AFTER the fact).
It is because of your reporter's failure to clarify this subtle difference that your article will generate reader responses, like "Anonymous" on Jan.31 at 08:00AM....and most likely a few more in the future.