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Dispatches Volume 1 Ep. 3

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Thanks for the interview guys, I appreciate the chance you gave me to raise a little hell.

Regarding the driver detention issue. Who pays drivers? The shippers, the receivers, the dispatchers, the truck owners or the industry owner / controllers? Drivers are regulated by government (constraining law) not to work more than 70 hours a week. If you want to use my government regulated work time; You should pay the government to access my controlled work time. Shipping is controlled by government and therefore should be paid by government.

Ownership is having control over what to charge others to access what you own. I own myself but my government owns my truck driving time. They own and control my class AM-XZ drivers license. They own and control the driving service that I am serving. Who should pay me to perform my service as a government licensed and regulated commercial heavy truck driver?

Aren't we called "Professional Drivers"? Aren't other controlled professional like "Doctors" paid by governments in Canada? How come doctors are permitted to work without borders?

By the way, I am a U-12 boys soccer coach. I willingly volunteer my time to help other peoples kids have fun. When parents criticize me in a negative way; I tell then to take their kid home before I threat their kid the same way.

I coach my boys by imposing my rules in addition to all the other regulating authorities. I impose 3 simple rules on my soccer boys, First, Have fun. Do it if you enjoy doing it. Second, Be safe. Do no harm to other players. And third, Don't get hurt. Protect yourself from potential harm. I actually apply these 3 simple rules in life in general.

Again, I offer my thanks. I truly appreciate the chance you have granted me. You have given me an opportunity to raise my voice. If I have offended your hearing, put some earplugs in your head.

With kind regards;

Darcy Neal Donnelly

Good podcast. I agree with alot of the libertarian trucker said.

Libertarian trucker? Come on, trucking depends on "big government" for roads!