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Driver, Meet TABLET

PeopleNet TABLET EOBR for Safety, Compliance and Security

Fast, friendly and flexible, the PeopleNet TABLET™ EOBR gives drivers the freedom to directly impact overall fleet performance. TABLET is a powerful in-cab PC that runs all of PeopleNet's performance-enhancing applications, as well as yours. With its 7-inch touch screen, stylus and on-screen keyboard, TABLET is driver-friendly-personalized to driver preferences.  And TABLET is fast, boosting communications speed with its 120 GB hard drive, 1.6 GHz CPU,1 GB RAM and Windows 7. 

But flexibility is what truly sets TABLET apart. Drivers can take it out of the cab to capture signatures, scan bar codes and take photos. Freedom meets productivity with the PeopleNet TABLET.

PeopleNet TABLET:

  • Sunlight readable 7-inch touch screen with on-screen keyboard and stylus,
  • Powerful 120 GB hard drive with Windows 7 OS,
  • Small, lightweight, portable and wireless,
  • Equipped with optional camera, signature capture, bar code scanner,
  • Customizable to driver preference and easily expandable to new and custom applications,
  • Extremely durable-temperature, environmental and ruggedness tested.

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