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Drivers, Carriers Can Ask FMCSA to Delete Some Violations

WASHINGTON, DC— Come August 23, 2014, carriers and drivers will be able to ask for roadside inspection violations to be removed from the agency data systems, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced in a Federal Register Notice.

The policy was updated to reflect the outcomes of court proceedings.

Carriers and drivers can ask for the removal of violations through the DataQ system when:

  • A driver is found not guilty;
  • If a violation is dismissed in court.

FMCSA systems will continue to keep and display violations that result in a conviction or payment of fine. FMCSA systems will also show information about anyone who plead to or is convicted of a lesser charge.

The changes are part of the agency’s continued effort to improve the quality and uniformity of violation data that is accessible across FMCSA systems to sharpen the focus on unsafe carriers and drivers.

FMCSA considered more than 100 public comments before finalizing the updated policy. 

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This is a big change, and will benefit both driver and company with the CSA safety scores.
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What a great law for both Independent Truckers & Commercial Carriers! Now both have the ability to eliminate expunged violations with DataQ system or those with a Legal Shield plan can contact their CDLP attorney for assistance. This will improve both drivers and Commercial Carriers CSA scores. If your drivers protect themselves with our Commercial Drivers Legal Plan (thru settlement) then everyone wins! The plan assists the drivers & commercial carriers by keeping their drivers on the road.