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Eassons Given Green Light To Hire Foreign Temps

BERWICK, NS—Eassons Transport Ltd. has been found not in violation of the rules of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, a two-month federal investigation concluded.

This past May, a CBC report surfaced that said the trucking company’s use of the program was temporarily suspended because the government thought it had “reasonable grounds to suspect that the employer or group of employers provided false, misleading or inaccurate information.”

According to an official in the department of Employment and Social Development Canada, that claim was debunked on July 1 after inspectors found that no rules were broken. Eassons Transport’s name was cleared and the company was removed from the government’s supposed “blacklist.”

Company president Paul Easson told Today’s Trucking that the suspension has been lifted and Eassons Transport is in the clear.

"If, as a result of a thorough investigation, an employer is found to have not violated any of the program requirements, the suspension is lifted and the employer’s name is removed from the public website," said a media relations officer in an email to CBC News.

"This was the case with Eassons Transport Ltd."

When contacted, Easson confirmed to us he received a letter dated July 3 from Employment Minister Jason Kenney. The letter said the audit was complete, the Labour Market Opinion suspension was lifted and the Eassons company name was removed from the government website, Easson said.

The company is very pleased with the results of the audit, Easson said, with the outcome proving that Eassons Transport was in compliance with the rules under foreign worker legislation.

Companies wanting to use the Temporary Foreign Worker Program must be able to prove that it couldn’t find a Canadian worker to fill the job. The company must also pass a Labour Market Impact Assessment (formerly Labour Market Opinion).

At the time of May’s initial CBC report, Easson told the broadcaster he assumed there had been a complaint filed but was fully cooperating with the feds and expected the suspension to be rescinded.

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More foreign drivers will come in, instead of paying people already living in Canada a fair wage to drive truck. This gov. does not want force change in the insurance so new truck drivers can get a job driving truck. The C.T.A. does not want to pay drivers hourly like those people working in a skilled trade