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Eaton Brings Rebuilder Program to Canada

GALESBURG, MIPower management company Eaton has expanded its Authorized Rebuilder Program into Canada to include Pacific Truck in Edmonton, Alberta.

Pacific Truck, a division of Crane Carrier Canada, becomes the fifth rebuilder in the program.  The Authorized Rebuilder program produces locally rebuilt transmissions with genuine Eaton components.

Pacific Truck has 65 employees, an office, a warehouse and shop facility of more than 42,000 square-feet that will be expanded to 81,500 square-feet by the end of the year.

“Eaton’s partnership with Pacific Truck further confirms our commitment to, and culture of always delivering quality in the Canadian market place,” said Curt Maier, vice president of Crane Carrier and Pacific Truck. “Our joint efforts will certainly bring additional value to our customers, associates and ownership and further separate us from the competition.”

To become an official Eaton Authorized Rebuilder, each rebuilder is required to complete Eaton’s technical and sales training as well as meet the company’s re-use and rebuild criteria. The rebuilder must use genuine Eaton content for all of the transmissions build as part of the program.

Participants in the rebuilder program are provided with enhanced warranty coverage, marketing support, promotional materials and advertising support.


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A very good program much better than trying to fix yourself for over the road trucks. We have used it by bringing from US.