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Unimanix electric pressure washer

Unimanix offers a made-in-Quebec pressure washer that's 100% electric-powered and, the company claims, can save thousands of dollars a year compared to diesel-heated units.

Water is instantly heated, and the washer is capable of making steam. It's said to be both light and easily transportable. It's also claimed to produce 50% less noise than non-electric washer types.

Other benefits include: no need to install exhaust chimney; it emits no smoke, no odor; making it useable indoors; it's non-polluting, environment-friendly; plus it makes very few maintenance demands. And of course there's no need for constant fuel refills.

The electrical units are among many types of industrial pressure washers from the Montreal manufacturer, which is also able to repair all types of washer equipment ranging from 2 to 20 gpm and up to 10,000 psi.

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