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Extendable lowboy with galvanized protection

The new Mechanical Detachable Extendable (MDE) model from XL Specialized Trailers combines an extendable lowboy with galvanized metal to protect against corrosion.

The hot-dip galvanized barrier is not the only layer of support. The trailers also feature Apitong decking on the front, main and rear deck.

XL 90 MDEThe trailer has an 80,000-pound capacity overall, and an 80,000-pound capacity in 16 feet closed. Those who need to extend the 48-foot trailer can use multiple extension stops. And the Extend-A-Trac system makes that possible without hooking or unhooking air and electric lines. Six-inch greasable rollers with oil-impregnated bronze bushings are there to keep things rolling smoothly.

The main deck is 29 feet long and will extend to 50 feet 4 inches.

The combined two-axle trailer and flip axle with a 36-inch flip neck works well with a four-axle truck, the company says, and a detachable 10-foot gooseneck includes a locking toolbox with work light.

When it comes time to secure loads, the neck has rub rail and stake pockets, and the main deck comes with removable swing-out outriggers and nine D-rings per side, with two more D-rings in the tail channel.




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