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Feds Give Port Metro Vancouver $3M to Reduce Wait Times

VANCOUVER, BC— The federal government announced it is contributing $3 million to reduce wait times at Port Metro Vancouver's four terminals by using new technologies to better link operations.

The Common Data Interface (CDI) project will help schedule container truck movements by:

  • Collecting data on gate and terminal activities, which will help coordinate multi-shift operations, especially necessary now given the terminal's recently announced extended hours pilot;
  • Developing an enhanced common reservation system, such as a centralized appointment scheduler for container trucks, which will reduce wait times and enhance efficiency of truck movements;
  • Measuring operational performance and enforcement through the collection of location data via GPS technology, which will help the port develop and enforce appropriate standards.

The project, which costs about $6 million, will receive $3 million over two years under Transport Canada's Clean Transportation Initiative on Port-Related Trucking, with the port contributing the other half.

Port Metro Vancouver is Canada's largest port. In 2013, the port handled a record 135 million tons of cargo, an overall increase of nine percent over 2012. About 2,000 Port Metro Vancouver licensed trucks serve the port.

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