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Feds To Review Transportation Laws a Year Early

WINNIPEG, MB — Last year’s grain backlog has prompted federal Transportation Minister Lisa Raitt to review transportation laws a year ahead of schedule.

“A repeat of last winter’s backlog of commodities moving by rail to port would put our long-term economic growth at risk,” officials from the Alberta government said.

The feds are reviewing the Canada Transportation Act a year earlier than required to address challenges that include moving grain.

The review will also look at:

  • Canada’s strategic transportation gateways and corridors; 
  • Transportation safety and environmental regimes;
  • The role of technological innovation in improving transportation services and infrastructure;
  • The safe movement of goods through communities;
  • Support for the northern transportation system;
  • Federally regulated passenger rail services;
  • Canada’s aviation sector and air connectivity;
  • Governance and service delivery for key federal operations, assets, and agencies.

Raitt commented: "This review comes at a critical time when we need, more than ever, a safe, efficient and clean transportation system to move goods and people, and help Canadian businesses seize new opportunities and continue to compete internationally”

“We need to create the right conditions for a system that has the capacity and flexibility to respond to global and domestic demands,” she added.

Former federal cabinet minister David Emerson will head the review. 

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