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Freight Cost Up For Sixth Month in a Row

TORONTO, ON — The total cost of ground transportation continued to edge upward in January, rising by 1.6 percent since December, according to the Canadian General Freight Index (CGFI).  

"Total Freights costs continued to rise into 2014 for the 6th consecutive month. Since August of 2013, total costs have been on a slow steady climb," said Doug Payne, president and COO, Nulogx.

The Base Rate Index, which excludes the impact of accessorial charges assessed by carriers, increased by one percent when compared to December 2013.

Average Fuel Surcharges assessed by carriers remained flat this month. Fuel was 20.86 percent of base rates in January as opposed to 20.84 percent in December.

"January's increase total transportation costs are now 2.1 percent above a year ago and inching toward the peak as seen in March of 2013," Payne said.


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