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Freight Costs and Fuel Drop for Second Month in a Row

Total Freight Costs for over the road shipments starting in January 2008.

TORONTO— The cost of shipping goods on the back of trains and trucks slipped again in May, according to data from the Canadian General Freight Index.

After having gone up for several months in a row, ground transportation costs dropped 0.4 percent in April and another 1.2 percent in May.

“Domestic and cross-border truckload costs decreased, partially offset by increases in domestic LTL and cross-border LTL,” said Doug Payne, Nulogx president. “Total costs of freight are 5.3 percent above last year at this time.”

The base rate index, which excludes the impact of accessorial charges, dropped by one percent when compared to April 2014. 

Average fuel surcharges dipped in May, too. Fuel was 21.37 percent of base rates in May versus 21.45 percent in April.


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