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J. J. Keller’s updated Fuel Tax Master software helps carriers report accurate fuel tax information. It generates IFTA, bulk fuel, permit listings and mileage reports. The software also allows users to enter, monitor and audit drivers’ trip data; set their own reporting options, data verification and fuel settings; track and report on non-taxable reefer fuel purchases as well as overall fuel expenses; and print a wide variety of detailed reports in the latest formats: IFTA, state mileage reports, IRP and Schedule A. Users of the traditional CD-ROM version of the software can choose to subscribe to an update service that allows them to download current state tax rates to meet filing deadlines. The new version has also been completely redesigned to work with Windows 2000 and XP operating systems. Users can now access vehicle and fuel info using on-screen tabs and links. The software can be integrated with mileage databases, such as J. J. Keller’s KellerMiles, as well as the latest version of the company’s Maintenance Manager software (both programs available separately). A free tour of the updated version of Fuel Tax Master is available at www.jjkeller.com/ftm3.

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