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Full Reciprocity Plan Big Positive for Trucking Industry

OTTAWA — Proposed changes to the International Registration Plan (IRP) has the full support of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), and perhaps soon every provincial trucking association.

In a statement released yesterday, the CTA said the proposal, known as the Full Reciprocity Plan (FRP), will "reduce administrative burdens and, by extension, the associated costs faced by carriers who are registered under IRP."

Moreover, it would eliminate the requirement for carriers to guess theur miles traveled in the upcoming year by granting full registration reprocity in all jurisdictions, CTA explained, "as is done already under the International Fuel Tax Agreement."

The CTA, which backed a similar ballot on the FRP two years ago, has also encouraged the provincial associations to "voice their unanimous approval for the new reciprocity plan to their IRP representatives."

"This ballot, if adopted, will be positive for the trucking industry and we are hopeful that it will receive enough votes to pass this time around,” said David Bradley, president and CEO of the CTA. “We are hopeful the views of the Canadian trucking industry will be given due consideration when the matter comes up for discussion next month.”

It’s expected the proposal will be put to a vote at IRP’s annual meeting in June, CTA noted.

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