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Gates Hi-Temp Coolant Hose

The new Gates FleetRunner Hi-Temp Straight Coolant Hose is said to be a high-temperature, high-performance, high-mileage, and less expensive alternative to silicone or sulphur-cured coolant hose.

Because of increasingly stringent emission standards, newer heavy-duty vehicles are manufactured with smaller engine compartments packed with emissions equipment and engine accessories, meaning very high under-hood temperatures. Such trucks require coolant hose that can withstand the low engine airflow and high-heat conditions. Enter the new Gates hose, with a temperature rating of -40 degrees to +300 degrees Fahrenheit and "superior" performance in extreme heat.

Its tube and cover are constructed with peroxide-cured EPDM, an abrasion-resistant material designed to resist electrochemical degradation. It binds to system components for fewer cold water leaks, and has a lower water permeation rate than silicone hose, Gates says.

The new Hi-Temp hose has a working pressure up to 50% higher than typical silicone coolant hose.

It's available in three-foot lengths. Not available in Canada, we understand.

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