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Get on Track with the Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable Tarp System

One of the many exceptional features of the Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable Tarp System is the track.  The track is the area that the carts and lifter bows (which support your tarp) roll on, and as such it is very important that the track be durable and strong.  Our track is ½” thick where we bolt to the trailer, and we use ½” bolts to do the job.  Our track is designed to cover and protect your wheels, reducing the amount of dirt that is able to get into your track, ensuring smoother rolling for your system. 

That said, take a look at our video to see exactly what a full bucket of sand does to our track (hint: absolutely nothing).  To make things easier for drivers, we have a patented tie down right on the rail.  We have hooks that allow drivers to use straps or chains, depending on what is best for what they are hauling.  We bolt the track on the rub rail where all of the strength of the trailer is.  Our system is specially designed to withstand forklift bumps.  Could your system withstand our strength test in this video, and still operate just as smoothly?


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