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How Many Perogies Does it Take to Buy a Shunt Truck?

FOR THE LOVE OF PEROGIES: Tyrchniewicz and Szamotulska

TORONTO — “I told her that I'd do anything for good perogies; she said 'buy the truck.'"

So he did.

She is Margarette Szamotulska, the Director of Business Development at Tico Canada. They sell shunt trucks and had a booth at Truck World last week at Toronto’s International Centre.

He is David Tyrchniewicz, of Turk Enterprises, based in St. Andrew, MB.

Turk runs about 53 reefers around North America.  At Truck World, though, he was repping another of his businesses, SmartTruck Canada, which manufactures under-trailer aerodynamic systems.

He also operates a yard-truck service for Maple Leaf Foods.

And so it was on Friday of Truck World, Tyrchniewicz struck up a conversation with Szamotulska and confessed that he loved good perogies so much that if she produced some, he’d buy one of her Ticos.

He was kind of kidding.  He wasn’t exactly shopping for anything.

And of course there was nothing in writing.  

He should have known better.

On Saturday just before noon, visitors to the SmartTruck booth were treated to 60 hot freshly baked perogies with an assortment of fillings slathered in onions, bacon and sour cream.

“I was up until about 1:30 this morning preparing them,” a very proud Szamotulska told

“I’m a man of my word,” Tyrchniewiecz said, laughing.  “I’m buying the truck.”

While neither Tyrchniewicz nor Szamotulska discussed price with us, asked: “If you were to show us with your fingers what the first digit of the five-figure price would be, would you be able to do it with one hand or would you need two?’

The answer was two.

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It's obvious that TICO will do absolutely anything for their customers

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