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How Trucking Life Can Change In A Heartbeat

CALGARY, AB — Amazed.

That’s what you will be when you see the faces behind the masks of the firefighters bravely battling the flames in Trimac’s safety video called, “In A Hearbeat.”

The firefighters are but one of the highlights of this compelling 27-minute drama which, despite being more than a decade old, sends as powerful a message today as when it was first released in the late ‘90s.

“In A Heartbeat” retells with alarming honesty, the events leading up to and the repercussions following a fiery fatal car/truck crash that took place on the Trans-Canada near the small Ontario town of Upsala.

“Everybody at Trimac has to see that video,” Trimac trainer Ken Arthur told todaystrucking.com.  “It still sends out that same message.”

Todaystrucking.com was informed of the powerful video by Northbridge Insurance Risk Specialist Kevin Dutchak, a former Trimac employee.

“This is the kind of thing you can show drivers for professional development,” he said, adding, “and it doesn’t matter how long a person has been driving, they can always use professional development. In fact complacency can be a pretty dangerous thing.”

 “We’re happy if more people see the video,” Trimac’s Arthur said. “A lot of work went into it and we know it’s very effective.”

One more thing. Dutchak and Trimac both believe viewers should be warned. 

“I suggest it might be prudent to advise viewers of the strong message this video sends,” Dutchak says, adding, “any drivers that have experienced an accident involving significant injuries or fatalities should be prepared when viewing the video. [Trimac’s] Doug Cettina states this in the video, but I’m sure you would agree we would not want to unintentionally traumatize drivers and others who may have been involved in similar situations.”

Presenting: In A Heartbeat

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