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Hydro One To Approve Overheight Routes With Haste

TORONTO, ON — Come March, Hydro One will speed up the approval process for overheight loads so truckers will have a service guarantee of three to four business days, according to the OTA.

Earlier this month, OTA folks spoke with people at the ministries of Energy and Transportation and the take-away was this: it currently takes too long to approve routes of overheight shipments in Ontario.

The OTA states that “current timeframes for route approvals are not sufficient to support the manufacturing and transportation of overheight shipments in Ontario.”

So Hydro One will get more people working on this issue so that carriers don’t have to wait as long to to receive route approavals for overheright cargo.

OTA will be monitoring the situation and asks that any carrier members contact Geoff Wood at otaoopermitissues@ontruck.org if they experience any delays once the new policy goes into effect in March.

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About time the OTA did something worthwhile instead of pissing and moaning about a mythical driver shortage!